On this page is are links to videos of the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 Regular Sessions of the Mississippi Legislature. These are recordings of the actions that took place in the House and Senate chambers, not in committees.

We at the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, a private, non-profit organization, are providing this as a service to the public.

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Instructions for finding a debate you want to hear

In order to find a debate on legislation of importance to you, you will have to know when the debate occurred. To do that, follow the instructions below.

1. Go to for the 2010 Regular Session, for the 2011 Regular Session, for the 2012 Regular Session, for the 2013 Regular Session, for the 2014 Regular Session, and for the 2015 Regular Session. (Unfortunately, we do not have the recordings of any special sessions.)

2. If you don’t know the bill number, use the “find” function of your web browser (in most browsers, you can press the “Cntrl” key and the letter “f” at the same time), and choose a word that is likely to be in the title of a bill you are interested in. Keep pressing “search next” until you find the bill.

3. Do not click on the bill number, as that will take you to the text of the bill. Instead, click on the link under the bill which starts with a date. That will show any action that occurred on the bill. It is there that you will find the date the bill was debated, marked “Passed” in (H) for House and (S) for Senate.

4. Return to this page, choose the chamber and year you wish (for example, House 2014), then “drill down” to the date the bill was debated.

5. Unfortunately, there is no way online to find what time of day the debate occurred. You can work through all the videos for that day. But you don’t have to sit through the whole video; you can scroll through to check at various intervals to see if the bill has been taken up.

Instructions for downloading a video

1. If you click on the name of the video, you will be asked to “save” the video or “open” it. Choose “open” and wait for it to download. It should play automatically, using whatever your computer normally uses (RealPlayer, Windows Media, or similar).

2. An alternate way to watch is to click the “Launch Video” link, which appears to the right of the file name. Once it appears, click the “Play” button (the right-facing triangle). This will work on any computer that can play Flash videos. It sometimes takes a few seconds to load the video.

3. Regardless of which method you use to download the video, you can skip to different points by clicking in the progress bar. Do this to skip ahead (or back) a few minutes to see if that particular video includes the debate you are interested in.

Again, we apologize for the cumbersome nature of this page. Hopefully, the legislature itself will someday choose to record the sessions and attach the video to their status page for each bill.

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